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  1. Find a Home: Vacant, Distressed, Fire damaged, Boarded up, Run down, or Hoarder house in need of repairs, or “For Sale By Owner” signs. (NO REALTOR SIGNS, Zillow, Trulia or any type of online submissions), or Friend or Family member wanting to sell their home quickly and in as is condition.
  2. Get the following: Address of the property, Seller phone number, and Take a picture of front of property using your cellphone.
  3. Submit Your Lead: Click here to start entering the property info (be sure to save our website info so you can submit deals easily and quickly when you see them or get them in the future). Or call us at 972-992-5664 to speak to someone on our team.
  4. We will analyze the deal:Within 24-48 hours we will analyze and review your deal submission and reach out to your potential seller to see if they are interested and will contract property with them (our team will let you know when/if we contract property with the seller).
  5. When we close on the property: YOU GET PAID!  $500 per property !!!!
  6. Make Even More Money: Just simply keep submitting your leads and as we close on them you keep getting paid.

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JMC Lead Finder Program